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The Net Result

  • No need for the last minute fire drill
  • IFR and DataLog flights automatically entered for you
  • Adjust or manually enter flights right from your iPad
  • One click and you have your tax report in spreadsheet format

Tax Accounting Made Easy

High profile business assets - like aircraft - require accurate documentation on specific flights, passengers and business purpose. In the past, collecting this information has been an end of year fire drill. Now get detailed flight reporting complete with a list of passengers and their purpose at the click of a button.

Enter Directly From Your iPad

Use the AvConnect Aircraft Manager app on your iPad to enter your flight details when it is convenient for you. IFR or Data Log flights are automatically entered for you - just add any additional passengers or change the purpose if you need.

Enter Flights on Your iPadEnter Passengers on Your iPad
Enter flights and passengers right from your iPad even when you are out of network coverage.

One Button to Generate Your Spreadsheet Report

Visit your web portal on AvConnect and click the "Generate Tax Report" button. Instantly receive your spreadsheet with flights, times, passengers and purposes listed. Send to your CPA and your job is complete.

Now go fly or do something else fun with the hours that you just got back!

Generate Your Tax Report in One Click

Special Offer

Subscribe now and receive flight tax purpose tracking and reporting with an Aircraft Manager Lite subscription1. (Normally these features are only available in the Pro edition.) Login or Get Started Now with a new account.

1Offer ends November 30, 2013. This offer can be used on multiple aircraft. Applies only to new subscriptions. Payment must be received by December 1, 2013.