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The Net Result

  • Spidertracks tracks your aircraft anywhere on the planet using Iridium Satellites
  • AvConnect receives real-time flight data
  • AvConnect creates instant flight entries for your aircraft and pilot logbook
  • Maintenance times are automatically updated within minutes of the flight

See What Our Customers Think

“Just installed and began using the new spidertracks/AvConnect system. This thing is stunning in it's simplicity and performs IMHO better than advertised. AvConnect automatically logs my flight data including airports, flight times, and a host of other things without me lifting a finger. I don't even have to turn it on. Selcted recipients know my exact whereabouts while enroute and receive text and emails indicating when I'm airborne and when I'm landing. Plus seeing the Google Earth track is just cool. "
James Talkington, Panama City, FL

AvConnect and Spidertracks

A Game Changer for General Aviation Safety and Efficiency

If you think AvConnect was efficient before, wait until you see what it can do with spidertracks. For the first time, pilots no longer have to think about, or take the time, to manually log any flight-related details or update their aircraft times.

We do it for you. Automatically. Every time you fly.


Why AvConnect and Spidertracks?

AvConnect is constantly looking for—and developing—the most innovative solutions to simplify aircraft operation and ownership. The release of our GPS flight tracking via the iPhone sparked the idea to look further for an even more streamlined tracking solution to solidify real-time aircraft and flight data gathering for pilots, owner/operators, fleet managers, and maintenance directors.

Spidertracks is an integrated aircraft flight following solution providing both hardware, which combines GPS, antenna and satellite communication in one box, and innovative web-based software to offer real-time, anywhere satellite tracking via the Iridium satellite network.

The integration of spidertracks and AvConnect technologies now provides customers with the unparalleled benefit of completely automating the aircraft tracking process, using leading aircraft safety/in-flight monitoring and the most advanced post-flight information and data transfer to create the most efficient means by which to manage general aviation aircraft.

Now, for the first time, every flight is recorded in real-time—accurately and reliably—and posted instantly to your online records.


How it Works

AvConnect uses the satellite data directly from the spider in your aircraft to immediately calculate your logbook and aircraft times, every time you fly.

After each flight, your AvConnect account is automatically updated with the following details: power up, off block, wheels up, wheels down, on block, and power down. The location, speed, altitude and direction of flight is also recorded, as well as your aircraft times.

If you have an iPhone™ or an iPad™, you will receive instant notification of your recent flight. The data is there. Edit, send, or save it for later. Your logbook entries are done, and your hobbs and tach times are updated. Your maintenance times are calculated, triggering any reminders or notifications sent by AvConnect to the pilot or the team of people managing your aircraft. Your flight path via Google Earth is also sent to you for instant viewing.

The end result—everyone who needs to know anything about your aircraft or flight has just been informed. Your work is done!

iPad and 3D map for spidertracks page


At AvConnect, we look for partnership opportunities with leading technology companies in general aviation to offer our customers additional or combined products with maximum value and compatibility with our services.

In our opinion, there should be a spider in every aircraft. It is simply the safest way to fly. Spidertracks offers peace of mind to those tracking your individual flight, and cost savings and increased productivity for fleet managers through more accurate flight scheduling and assurance that aircraft are flying in the most cost effective way.

Spiderwatch, the web-based service developed by spidertracks, actively watches over every aircraft, monitoring every flight—24/7, worldwide. Spiderwatch constantly checks to see if the spider,and the aircraft, is okay. The Iridium network of 66 active satellites mean no ‘blind spots’, so there are no gaps in transmission. If contact is lost with the spider, emergency alerts are automatically sent by SMS and email within minutes to the right people. Nothing could be simpler—or safer.

For Spiderwatch plans and pricing, visit spiderwatch plans and pricing.

Pilots and owners now have the option of using the safest in-flight satellite tracking system with the most advanced online management system to operate their aircraft with superior safety and efficiency. It truly is a game changer.

Now, only with your AvConnect account, can you get both benefits in one.

Buy spidertracks through AvConnect and get THREE months of AvConnect service for FREE!

If you are already an AvConnect customer, we’ll add three months or a year of service to your annual subscription, based on the type of service you have.

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