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  Your always free electronic logbook! A fully featured logbook for the serious pilot. Low cost aircraft maintenance, squawk and data log trend tracking for the casual pilot. Our premier aircraft management system for partnerships or business fliers.
Pilot Logbook        
Enter flights using iPhone / iPad x x x x
Automatically record flights using WingX x x x x
Email with Google Earth map after each flight x x x x
Track BFR and medical expiration x x x x
Automatic back-up and archive in cloud x x x x
Access to account via web last 12 months history x x x
Pro Logbook        
Track total time by make/model   x x x
Track currencies for IFR, BFR, passenger, etc.   x x x
Email reminders for currency   x x x
Record Pilot Expenses   x x x
Monthly PDF and XLS reports sent by Email   x x x
On-demand reports for insurance, ratings, etc.   x x x
Automatic ATC download from IFR flights   x x x
Download Flight Data from Aspen Connected Panel   x x x
Aircraft Flights        
Complete flight history for aircraft     x x
Current and history of hobbs/tach times     x x
Garmin G1000 data log processing and trending     x x
Automatic flight entry from spidertracks     x x
Includes Pro Logbook for each pilot     x x
Aircraft Squawks        
Capture squawks on the iPad or iPhone     x x
Communicate squawks with your service center     x x
Archive of squawk history     x x
Aircraft Maintenance        
Complete maintenance tracking list     x x
Service bulletins and AD notifications     x x
Maintenance forecasting     x x
Schedule service center repairs     x x
Upload logbook stickers     x x
Tax Accounting        
Track business purpose     Subscribe by 11/30 and get tax and expense tracking included with Aircraft Manager Lite! x
Track passenger manifest     x
Annual and on-demand tax report     x
Aircraft Expenses      
Track expenses per aircraft     x
Track partner utilization and expenses     x
Enter expenses directly on the iPad     x
Monthly PDF and XLS expense report     x
Aircraft Reporting        
Professional PDF reports each month     x x
Periodic email notification for maintenance/squawks     x x
Partner usage reports       x
Tax and Expense XLS and PDFs       x
Fleet Management        
Fleet dashboard system       optional
Fleet-wide maintenance tracking       optional
Consolidated reporting       optional