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Maintaining records is essential to your safety as a pilot and to the value of your aircraft. AvConnect is the only solution that provides truly automatic record-keeping, with dedicated mobile applications featuring data synchronization, in or out of network coverage.

We collect, organize, and disseminate every aircraft and pilot data point that is necessary - and sometimes critical - to you and the team it takes to manage your aircraft, directly from the FAA, your G1000, and from partners like WingX and spidertracks, to provide the most detailed and accurate records. You maintain one online account that is accessible and manageable from your mobile device, available any time, from anywhere.

New: Read about our WingX Pro7 Integration on the iPad and iPhone!

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  • Permanent and secure pilot & aircraft archives
    • We store your data permanently and back it up with double redundancy to insure your records are available anytime, for a lifetime.
  • Communication and data exchange with your Service Center, FBO, and OEM
    • The most proactive approach to managing your aircraft. Authorize your preferred service manager, FBO or OEM, and any data collected can automatically be exchanged with them, including appointments, work orders, invoices and electronic signatures/logbook stickers; or they can access your account to see any squawks, upcoming maintenance due or analyze your engine diagnostics with AvConnect’s new data logging.
  • Logbooks, hours, currencies, & expiration warnings
    • Easily manage your logbook from anywhere. Simply log on from anywhere and view upcoming currency expirations, including medical and nighttime; manage flights and generate reports. You’ll also receive regular emails with expiration warnings and reminders about flight confirmations and more. Got an iPhone or iPad? Use our dedicated app for access even when out of network coverage.
  • Automatic FAA flight download
    • Every IFR flight is sent and populated directly into your AvConnect account. Simply confirm the flight from your iPhone or iPad, make any necessary changes, and the details will instantly update your logbook and aircraft tach/hobbs times.
  • Automatic data logging with your G1000
    • Together with your G1000, AvConnect captures every detail of your aircraft’s flight and engine performance. Every second of every flight, more than 70 data points are stored, organized, and available for you and your service provider to analyze. From small maintenance issues to large concerns, your service provider is able to see precisely what happens at any exact moment during a flight. This is invaluable information to keep you in the safest and most efficient aircraft. You get everything from altitude, ground and air speed, GPS coordinates, and exact flight path to fuel flow, manifold pressure, propeller rpms, engine temps and much more. Better yet, every flight’s data is organized by AvConnect and automatically populated to your account, cutting out yet another step in managing and maintaining your personal logbook and aircraft records.
  • Maintenance schedule, tracking, & reminders
    • AvConnect knows your complete maintenance schedule by tail number. We’ll track your schedule, send you reminders, and store any and all electronic service records. As each major inspection comes due, your complete maintenance history can easily be viewed or sent to your service center, saving you time and money at the shop.
  • Satellite flight following with spidertracks
    • Available through AvConnect, we believe there shouldd be a spider in every plane. Spidertracks works with the Iridium Satellite network to track your exact coordinates at every moment in your flight. Not only is the safest way to fly, but AvConnect collects your flight data directly from the unit in your aircraft and automatically populates your flight details, from start up to shut down.
  • Squawks and aircraft whiteboard
    • At any point pre-, during, or post-flight, simply grab your iPad and jot down a squawk or take notes about your aircraft. Squawks are saved and logged as part of your maintenance items. You decide the level of importance, and we’ll send notices to your service center and remind you to follow up until it is addressed and completed.
  • AD and Service Bulletin notification
    • Automatically receive any new ADs or Service Bulletins via email, as soon as they are released.
  • Comprehensive aircraft status & dashboard
    • Check your status at any time, even on the way to the airport. Every time you log in to your AvConnect account, you’ll instantly see updated hours, any currency expiration warnings, upcoming mandatory maintenance, last flight and location, fuel level and more. This information is also available instantly on your iPhone or iPad.
  • AvConnect Mobile - iPhone & iPad apps
    • AvConnect’s dedicated mobile applications provide the easiest solution for maintaining everything from logbooks and flights to expenses and maintenance, anytime, from anywhere. We also work with partners to provide you with a complete aircraft management experience, right from the cockpit—including moving maps, weather, flight planning and filing, AOPA airports, fuel prices, and geo-referenced approach charts. Unique to us, AvConnect’s apps automatically sync your data with your online account, even when you are out of network coverage. See our Mobile page for a complete list of features and benefits.
  • Automatic data-to-web account synchronization
    • Unmatched in general aviation technology, AvConnect provides the only mobile applications with automatic data-to-web account synchronization. Manage every aspect of your flying from you iPhone and iPad, in or out of network coverage, and your data will automatically sync to your account when you are back in range. See our Mobile page for a complete list of features and benefits.
  • Google Earth 3D flight paths
    • The cool factor! Every time you fly, AvConnect will instantly send your exact flight path to your email with a Google Earth 3D map.
  • Fleet management tools
    • Instantly view your entire fleet’s maintenance schedules, analyze performance trends, and proactively manage critical fleet-wide issues with AvConnect’s fleet manager features. We believe in the one-size does not necessary fit all philosophy. Contact us to discuss customized features that fit your needs!
  • Expenses, tax preparation, & partnership splits
    • Your accountant will thank us! Record expenses and passenger manifests from every flight, by category and purpose. You and any partners can easily track splits and monies due, plus provide concise reports for end-of-year tax preparation.
  • Printable monthly and annual reports
    • Set at your preferred intervals, receive and download comprehensive logbook, flight, expense and maintenance reports in a professional PDF format