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OEM / Manufacturer

General aviation manufacturers understand today's buyer is looking for a streamlined ownership experience. Technology in and out of the cockpit can mean the difference to a satisfied, long-term customer.

OEMs benefit from AvConnect in three key areas:

  1. AvConnect partners with OEMs to provide their customers an invaluable tool to maintain their aircraft and uphold its maximum value.
  2. AvConnect delivers automatic information exchange between the manufacturer, the owner, and their preferred service center, ensuring the most efficient—and satisfying—customer experience.
  3. Manufacturers have the ability to track critical aircraft and customer data long after the planes leave the lot.


Below is a list of AvConnect's highlighted benefits to manufacturers / OEMs. For a full list of operator features, view the pilot/owner products. For FBO / service center features, view the FBO / service center products.

Benefits to manufacturers / oems

  • Provide customers with an advanced pilot and aircraft management tool at point of delivery
  • Increase long-term customer engagement
  • Ensure maximum aircraft resale value
  • Track top fleet issues and reduce warranty costs
  • Capture out-of-warranty performance data
  • Receive automatic notifications of AOG or major repair issues
  • Electronically distribute service bulletins, service letters, POH / MM updates and other publications
  • Empower service centers with live information access


AvConnect manufacturer / OEM pricing is determined by aircraft type and volume.  For further information or questions, please contact us.