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FBO / Service Center

AvConnect services not only the individual pilot, but offers an advanced solution for FBOs and service centers. AvConnect makes the connection between service center and customer, creating the most proactive approach in managing one—or a fleet of—aircraft.

Automated communication takes customer service, and ultimately customer satisfaction to the highest level, while pushing both the operator and the service provider to maintain the safest and most valuable planes.

Below is a list of AvConnect's highlighted features for FBOs and service centers, designed to use in conjunction with your customers. To see the full operator benefits visit the pilot/owner products page.

Key Features

  • Access to managed aircraft via mobile device and dedicated iPad and iPhone applications
  • Electronic invoicing, service records and logbook entries for customers' archives
  • Direct online access to customers' complete maintenance history and upcoming scheduled maintenance
  • Searchable aircraft / maintenance database—quickly search for similar issues and resolutions across all aircraft
  • Electronic receipt of service requests and work orders
  • Immediate notification of published service bulletins and ADs that affect owners/operators
  • Automatic transmission of fuel, oil and other expenses to customer
  • Streamlined operations with interface between AvConnect and participating FBO software systems
  • Specialized product development


AvConnect FBO / service center pricing is determined individually, based on aircraft and customers managed.

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