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AvConnect is a true cloud based service, designed to interact with applications that we haven't even imagined yet. From the ground up, AvConnect has been built with open standard interfaces using XML and REST.

As an application developer, you have the opportunity to interact directly with the AvConnect cloud - giving you or your customers direct access to authorized data.

AvConnect is cloud based
AvConnect is Cloud Based



  • Rich API accessible via secure HTTPS
  • Works with any programming language or operating system
  • Account based access and authorization
  • Access to datalogs, flight records, flight tracks, expense records, maintenance and squawk lists
  • Upload interface for datalogs, tracking data and other flight information
  • Mobile offline access and synchronization API available under license

If you are a developer or customer with an interesting application in mind, then please contact us. We're excited to hear about your ideas!

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