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The Net Result

  • See every second of every flight
  • Instant post-flight diagnostics
  • Easy, readable graphs
  • Fleet manager ready

See What Our Customers Think

“For the first time we see exactly what happens with every flight, from air speed to engine temps to fuel flow. AvConnect keeps our clients in the most efficient and safest planes out there. We have the data we need to address small maintenance issues before they turn into something catastrophic. "
Darryl Taylor, Van Bortel Aircraft

Defining Proactive

Data logging makes it possible to detect a small maintenance issue before it turns into a real safety concern. With the ability to view flight parameters and engine performance data in a simple graph instantly after each flight, it's easy to detect a potential problem early on. Your service provider can see precisely what happened at any exact moment during any flight, as well as see related trends over time.

It's the 'Cool Factor' Again

What's great about AvConnect is we're not only focused on aviation problem-solving, we're always putting out the coolest products! AvConnect's diagnostics analysis allows your Garmin G1000 (or any advanced cockpit with data logging capabilities) to reach its full potential. From engine startup to engine shutdown, the G1000 pulls more than 70 data points per second, every second. By simply transferring information from the cockpit to our cloud, AvConnect instantly organizes and archives data, populates aircraft and flight records, and enters flight times into your logbook for you. You can view an interactive flight graph right from your iPad, as well as a Google Earth 3D flight track.

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Into the Cloud

AvConnect has been developing cloud based products since 2006. Our cloud ensures your data is permanently stored and protected in one central, private, and secure location. Sensitive aircraft information is not saved on computers or public sites. Rather, the files are uploaded to your personal records and can only be viewed by yourself, your partners, or anyone you authorize. Your service center can gain access to the data giving them the ability to make maintenance decisions no matter where they are in relation to you. The safety and security of our cloud based services allows you access to your data any time, from anywhere.

Data Log Display

Click here to see how to run your own diagnostics report.

To run a complimentary report, you must have an AvConnect account. Select the Aircraft menu and the Datalogs tab to get started. For assistance, please contact our support team directly: