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11.04.13 CAPACG Introduces PASS - The Practice Area Safety System

DAYTONA BEACH, FL,: For years, threats to safety of flight have gone undetected for aviation training providers and university aviation fleets. CAPACG aims to change this with technology from AvConnect...

09.06.12 Kansas State University selects FlyteAnalytics™

DAYTONA BEACH, FL,: CAPACG today announced that Kansas State University has selected FlyteAnalytics™ for its fleet of training aircraft.

07.24.12 AvConnect® Expands Its Cloud-Based Services With Cessna Connect™

DENVER, CO: AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced it is 'the cloud' behind Cessna's cutting edge online and mobile package for owners.

02.09.12 CAPACG and AvConnect announce joint venture to create cloud-based flight data analysis tool

DAYTONA BEACH, FL: CAPACG and AvConnect have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create a cloud-based flight data analysis tool specifically for aircraft fleets equipped with Garmin G1000 and other integrated flight decks...

02.09.12 CAPACG and AvConnect complete Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University flight data analysis research project

DAYTONA BEACH, FL: CAPACG and AvConnect have completed the first-ever detailed analysis of Garmin G1000 flight data for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)...

10.10.11 AvConnect and Hilton Software Partner to Deliver Instant Flight and Aircraft Data via the iPad

LAS VEGAS, NV — AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced its integration with WingX Pro7 for iPad by Hilton Software LLC; giving customers virtually two applications in one...

07.26.11 AvConnect Partners with Aspen Avionics to Provide Wi-Fi Connection to the Cockpit

OSHKOSH, WI — AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced its partnership with Aspen Avionics ...integrating AvConnect’s wireless iPad™ application and Aspen’s certified aircraft panel avionics to capture real-time aircraft performance and flight data...

07.14.11 AvConnect Now Processing G1000 Flight Data Logs

AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced its capabilities to automatically upload, analyze and populate flight data from the G1000 directly into their customers' accounts...

12.16.10 AvConnect and Spidertracks - A Game Changer for General Aviation Safety and Efficiency

AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced their partnership with spidertracks, to offer for the first time an entirely automated and real-time pilot and aircraft records-keeping solution for pilots, owner/operators, fleet managers, service professionals and maintenance teams...

10.14.10 AvConnect Set to Debut the New Aircraft Manager for the iPad™ at NBAA2010 and Give Away a 3G iPad!

DENVER, CO — AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced it will reveal its new iPad application at NBAA2010, and will give away an iPad—complete with the new app plus a one year's subscription to AvConnect...

10.14.10 AvConnect Partners with DatcoMedia to Expand 'Paperless Maintenance' from Service Centers to Include Automated Communication and Data Exchange with Aircraft Owners

DENVER, CO — AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced their official partnership with DatcoMedia—an industry leader in maintenance / service center software with the EBis system—combining their technologies...

07.22.10 Jeffrey Robert Moss, MCFI "MossY", 2010 National CFI of the Year, Officially Endorses AvConnect

DENVER, CO — AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced an official product endorsement by Jeffrey Robert Moss, MCFI "MossY", 2010 National CFI of the Year...

06.18.10 AvConnect Expands Maintenance Service Technology by Powering EvoTrack

DENVER, CO - AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced a significant brand expansion, powering  the technology behind top tier maintenance management provider Evolution Aviators, and offering Corvalis owners the latest in maintenance tracking technology...

02.01.10 Newest Version of AvConnect for the iPhone Features GPS Flight Tracking and Worldwide Airports

DENVER, CO - AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced the release of its updated iPhone application, Version 1.2—now providing GPS flight tracking & confirmation, plus international airports and aircraft support...

10.15.09 AvConnect Launches iPhone™ Application

DENVER, CO - AvConnect, an AvFusion, Inc. company, today announced the release of its iPhone application, AvConnect Mobile — Pilot & Aircraft Management, giving customers the quickest and most efficient way to manage their aircraft. With a dedicated app, owners/pilots now have the ability to update and track every logbook, flight and maintenance record from anywhere...


12.10.11 AvConnect Rolls-Out New Support Site

AvConnect has rolled out a new support site where you can browse our knowledgebase and open tickets. We hope that you will find this useful as it builds over time!

12.16.10 Spidertracks Now Available Through AvConnect

AvConnect's technology is now integrated with spidertracks—the most proven and reliable aircraft satellite tracking system. Pilots no longer have to think about, or take the time, to log any flight-related information. Every flight detail is recorded in real-time, which in turn automatically updates personal logbooks, aircraft status and flight entries, hobbs and tach times. The end result—anyone needing that aircraft information is informed instantly.

03.04.10 AvConnect Releases Version 2.4.4

The latest version of AvConnect features custom logbook reports! Users can customize their logbook reports by selecting their preferred fields or even naming their own fields to populate a logbook report. Plus, logbook report receipt options now include a weekly or monthly distribution.

02.01.10 AvConnect for the iPhone and iTouch, AvConnect Lite—Automatic Pilot Logbook — Version 1.2, is Now Available

The new version of AvConnect's iPhone app features dynamic new features including GPS flight tracking via the iPhone, worldwide airports and international-based aircraft, Refer A Friend access, customizable logbook fields, and numerous functionality enhancements and improvements.

02.01.10 View Flight Path in 3-D with New Google Earth Feature

AvConnect iPhone app users can now use an additional feature on their web-based account following their GPS flight track. Once a GPS flight has been confirmed using the iPhone, users can view their detailed flight path in 3-D via Google Earth.

01.14.10 Official Support for the Pilatus PC-12NG (12/47E)

The latest maintenance schedules, ADs and service bulletins for the PC-12NG are now ready to go for your web account, iPhone or other mobile device. It is now easier than ever to keep up-to-date with your new Pilatus!

12.1.09 AvConnect Releases Version 2.4.3

The latest version of AvConnect includes the following product enhancements: upgraded and enhanced Dashboard with quick reference 12-month pilot status, improved maintenance and currency alerts, graphical view of aircraft utilization; new main website look and feel.

10.15.09 AvConnect's Second iPhone Application Now Available, AvConnect Lite

The newest of AvConnect's iPhone applications, AvConnect Lite—Automatic Pilot Logbook, is now available on the iTunes store. Version 1.1 includes the following features: synchronization with web account, complete pilot logbook record-keeping, currency warnings, automatic flight download from ATC, time in type tracking, and PDF reports. Download is free for all users.

10.08.09 AvConnect iPhone Application Available for Sale

AvConnect Pro—Pilot & Aircraft Management is now available for sale on the iTunes store. In addition to the online logbook, the Pilot & Aircraft Management version 1.0 application includes complete aircraft maintenance tracking (aircraft history, squawks, upcoming maintenance, ADs and service bulletins, official logbook stickers), plus all flight related tax expenses, and partnership splits/reconciliation. AvConnect Pro is $0.99 in the app store.

07.30.09 AvConnect Releases Version 2.4.2

The upgraded version of AvConnect includes the following product enhancements: new custom logbook reports, enhanced security on customer log-in, and new flight summary screen.


02.03.10 Watch AvConnect's new tutorials: GPS flight tracking and Refer a Friend via the iPhone


12.23.09 Happy Holidays from AvConnect - Refer a Friend and Earn Subscription Credits!

Don't just tell your aviation friends and colleagues about the efficient, easy, and most proactive way to manage their logbooks and aircraft; give them a reason to start using AvConnect today. Every friend you refer will get a month on us. And for each referral that purchases an AvConnect subscription, we’ll in turn give you an additional month on your account. Twelve friends and you've just paid for your annual fee!

06.25.09 Aero News Network Interview with AvConnect CEO, Erik Murrey

AvConnect joins 45 commercial exhibitors this weekend at Cirrus Migration 7, COPA's annual fly-in. As the largest event for Cirrus pilots and owners, AvConnect will introduce the most advanced online pilot and aircraft management system to more than 430 attendees. Watch ANN's product interview with Erik Murrey.

02.23.09 AvConnect to Sponsor CAART Training Events

AvConnect is set to sponsor the 2009 Cessna Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training series across the country. CAART offers the finest recurrent training program in the industry and is a perfect platform to introduce the AvConnect products. CAART provides pilots with flight and ground instruction over a 2-day session and enlists the best instructors in the US.

AvConnect CEO, Erik Murrey, stated, "Serious pilots understand the value in maintaining their aircraft. It's about being the safest you can be—as a pilot and as an owner—and managing your plane with efficiency and accuracy."  AvConnect offers owners and pilots the most comprehensive online tool available to manage both logbooks and aircraft maintenance. AvConnect will sponsor all four events this year, including Van Nuys, CA; Allentown, PA; Boise, ID; and Mobile, AL.

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