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What We Do

Using decades of knowledge in cloud based, aviation specific development, AvConnect brings a technology platform to general aviation that provides cutting edge flight and data management solutions that make flying safer and smarter.

Our technology is based on our unique ability to collect enormous amounts of proprietary flight and performance data from multiple sources, sift through that data very quickly in our cloud, and deliver accurate, reliable, secure and easy-to-use records-based management solutions for all levels of aviation pilots and professionals.

We provide cloud based, cockpit-centric mobile and online applications that range from an e-Logbook for pilots, to maintenance and flight records for owners, to our advanced flight data analysis tools for fleet managers and OEMs. AvConnect also lends its powerful platform to advanced aviation partners delivering the next generation technology solutions to all of general aviation.


Our e-Logbook product suite consists of two levels, designed specifically for students and casual pilots, or frequent flyers. It is set apart by our ability to collect and sift through thousands of data points per second from every flight and provide the most accurate and permanent pilot and flight records. Our iPhone application also synchronizes data wirelessly from your iPhone to your online account, instantly. We track exact flight times, hours, currencies, and provide you with an easy, manageable tool to take hours off your record keeping, not to mention the cool features like 3D flight track maps.

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Whether you own a single airplane or manage multiple aircraft, our Aircraft Manager suite of products is designed to fit different needs, from aircraft records and maintenance, to passengers, pilot and aircraft performance data. Our iPad application is cockpit-centric, allowing you to manage all aspects of your flying from anywhere. We gather flight data from the FAA, and aircraft data from Garmin, Avidyne and Aspen avionics and provide instant and critical updates. Aircraft times and maintenance tables are updated. Pilot records are synchronized. And within seconds, invaluable engine and pilot performance analysis is available without the need for expensive or heavy hardware. Pilots and instructors fly safer, owners and fleet managers manage their aircraft smarter.

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Our depth of knowledge in data collection and dissemination is a differentiator in the market, and AvConnect's years of developing applications in the cloud and specific to aviation set us apart in our time-to-market delivery for our partners.

AvConnect's capabilities span from 'skinning' AvConnect for customization, to consultation and development on new products.

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Who We Are

AvConnect was founded by Erik Murrey, a veteran sales and marketing executive with more than 25 years experience in information technology; with a long track record of improving business processes using information networks. An instrument rated pilot since 2002, Erik’s passion for flying quickly turned his attention to solving difficult problems in the general aviation industry.

His understanding and knowledge of security and cloud based technology is unparalleled, and his team is passionate about developing innovative solutions specific to aviation.

AvConnect® is registered trademark of AvFusion, Inc., a privately held corporation based in Denver, Colorado.